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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Arabian Businesswomen 2008 : Amna Bin Hendi

Amna BinHendi, Chief Executive Office of BinHendi Enterprises

Amna BinHendi currently sits as the Chief Executive Office of BinHendi Enterprises, a position she has held since September 2007. As the CEO, Amna has successfully stirred the organisation into becoming one of the fastest growing trading and distribution companies in the UAE that has its eyes sets on becoming power house in the industry across the region.

Prior to joining the family business, the young ambitious executive’s experience included a brief stint at the Dubai E-Government after which she joined Bin Hendi enterprises as Vice President for Human Resources in December 2002. With her strong business and leadership skills, she has been promoted to become one of the youngest top female executives in the corporate sector.
Born in 1980, Amna completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Business Administration from Zayed University.

At BinHendi Enterprises we believe our philosophy has driven the organization to offer unmatched quality, luxury, and elegance coupled with strong and professional business acumen. We strive to live up to our commitment in developing a diverse retail portfolio of the world's most prestigious brands. Today the group has successfully introduced more than 75 world-renowned brands to the UAE in the fields of fashion, watches, jewellery, accessories, furniture, fine dining and more. will give you an insight on our background, our brands & stores. Enjoy your stay with us & keep connected for updates & the latest happenings on the retail front.
Almost three decades ago market research analysts at BinHendi Enterprises recognized a growing consumer interest in international products and fashion brands. In direct response, we established the United Arab Emirate's first exclusive fashion boutique, Pierre Cardin. Enthusiastic consumer response propelled the Company to fill another untapped niche in the Middle Eastern market with the introduction of Dubai's first car rental agency. Our unique approach, in hand with strong market growth, favorable government relations and an intimate knowledge of consumer preferences, encouraged BinHendi Enterprises to develop new sources to help meet the growing demand for high quality products and international services. BinHendi Enterprises currently operate twenty-nine highly successful fashion, Jewellery, accessory and food retail outlets, while our trading division reaches in excess of one thousand retailers, thus establishing the company as a leader in one of the world's most exciting and affluent markets.

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