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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Best Islamic Financial Institution in United Kingdom (Global Finance 2008): HSBC Amanah

HSBC Amanah is the global Islamic banking division of the HSBC Group, and was established in 1998 with the aim of making HSBC the leading provider of Islamic banking worldwide. With more than a hundred professionals serving the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas, HSBC Amanah represents the largest Islamic banking team of any international bank.
The HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. With operations in twenty OIC member states, no international bank is more widely represented in the Muslim world than HSBC. Nor has any made a greater investment in Islamic banking. Headquartered in London, the Groups international network comprises about 10,000 offices with almost 110 million customers in 77 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. With a rich history of community banking and a commitment to meet the particular needs of our diverse customers, we are the world's local bank.
HSBC Amanah has won the Euromoney 2005 awards for Best Islamic Wholesale Bank and Best for Private Banking Services.
HSBC has a rich tradition of community banking, and HSBC Amanah was established to serve the particular financial needs of Muslim communities. Our mission statement and corporate values reflect this vision.
HSBC Amanah considers Shariah compliance of its business operations as its most important & strategic priority. This is reflected in its Corporate Values, "In developing our products and services, we are committed to the highest Shariah standards in the Islamic banking industry." In addition to Global Shariah Advisory Board and Regional Shariah Committees, HSBC Amanah employs a team of qualified professionals to ensure that the guidance and advice received from the Shariah Committees is implemented in letter and spirit.
HSBC Amanah brings together the largest team of any international Islamic financial services provider. We are widely recognised as a market leader in terms of global reach, innovative products and services and our investment in industry building initiatives. With more than 100 people in eight countries, the HSBC Amanah family continues to grow.

HSBC Amanah has won the following awards:
Euromoney awards, Best International Provider of Islamic Financial Services (2004), Best International Sukuk House (2004, Best Islamic Wholesale Bank (2005), Best for Private Banking Services (2005)

Award-winning transactions:
Emirates ECA-backed financing 2001, (Euromoney, Jane´s Transport Finance, Institutional Investor, Airfinance Journal), Government of Malaysia Global Sukuk - 2002,(Euromoney, Institutional Investor, Asiamoney, FinanceAsia), Emirates IV, with Islamic Development Bank - 2003, (Jane´s Transport Finance)

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