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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Violation of rules cited as reason for JCCI sack

JEDDAH: The primary reason behind the sacking of the head of the Security and Safety Committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (JCCI) was his violation of the chamber’s rules and regulations, said Abdullah Binmahfouz, deputy chairman of the JCCI.

Binmahfouz said Adnan Al-Abbasi’s membership was canceled for violating the JCCI’s Article 15 by speaking to organizations outside the JCCI without first referring to the organization’s Public Relations Department.

Al-Abbasi was sacked two days ago after he gave a statement to newspapers in which he said that there are 300 national illusionary security companies with licenses and permits to operate but are not working. He also said that 70 percent of security and safety equipment sold in the Kingdom’s market is not up to the standard.

Binmahfouz said such comments were unacceptable and that Al-Abbasi wanted to appear in the media. “Accusing 300 local companies with licenses and permits of not working is a false charge against the Ministry of Commerce. He also put himself in charge of the Saudi Standards and Quality Organization when he said that 70 percent of security and safety equipment is below standard,” said Binmahfouz.

He said that JCCI is not in the position to accuse companies or government departments, and that those who want to do so should contact the departments directly to express their personal views with evidence.

Binmahfouz said that rules and regulations regarding dealing with the media, which were issued two months ago, stated that statements to the media should be approved by the general manager of the Business and Committees Sector and the JCCI’s secretary-general.

“Speaking to the press without approval is a direct violation. Placing opinions in the press in the name of the JCCI will not be tolerated according to our rules and regulations,” he added.

Adnan Mandora, general manager of the Business and Committees Sector, said the decision to sack Al-Abbasi was legal and that it was based on Section 3 of Article 15. “We are not blocking the freedom to express opinions to the press regarding issues. However, when saying what was said in the media, the first question that comes to mind is why these issues were not discussed in committee meetings? The main task of heads of committees is not to defame, but to find solutions and carry out work. The action taken against Al-Abbasi was not contrary to the policies of the JCCI. The JCCI cannot allow such actions — whatever he said was his own personal opinion,” he added.

Source : Arab News

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