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Friday, June 5, 2009

Ahmadinejad, Circles of power,wealth detached,revolution, people

Isfahan, June 5, IRNA – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Friday in past, circles of power and wealth took shape whose relations with revolutionary masses and revolution’s mentality were totally detached.
According to IRNA’s dispatched Presidential Affairs reporter, Ahmadinejad added in his address for his supporters in Isfahan, “These groups that had assumed they were the nation’s elites used a literature and a certain dialogue jargon that is typically that of the masters of nations, and the people, according to them, had to be entirely at their service.”
Ahmadinejad said that the achievements of the Islamic Revolution are rarely if ever seen elsewhere before, even unique, and they are entirely causes for feeling proud.
Hew added, “There were obstacles, too, such as the fact that four to six yeas after the victory of the Islamic Revolution a group took the helm of the country’s macro-scale management in their hands whose thoughts, ethical values and behavior were deviated, or at a sharp slanting slope, with those of the nation and the revolution.”
The head of the country’s Executive Force said, “Rather than heeding the interests of the revolution, the nation, and its prestige, cared merely for the interests of themselves and their group.”
He added, “By and by a circle of managers took shape in the country that not only did not consider themselves the servants of the people, but regarded themselves as the masters and the superiors of the people, and the absolute owners of the country.”
Ahmadinejad one more time reiterated, “They regarded high priority for themselves and their group and their family members, in taking advantage of and enjoying the national assets, compared to the nation.”
The president considered the Iranian nation worth leading the world, civilization builders, and culture builders.
He emphasized, “This characteristic should be a model and a guideline for the other nations and the Iranian nation, too, should continue its ever-onward progress in scientific and technological fields.”
The president pointed out that the revolution unleashed the nation of the chains, adding, “The nation became ready to fly, although after a few years new obstacles emerged and new stones were thrown in the path of our nation’s progress, but our nation resisted.”
Source : IRNA

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