Friday, May 21, 2010


Is there or no relevance to cases of violence and sexual abuse of dozens of women in Purbalingga recently, to fill the new Hijra year event then the Central Executive 'Aisyiyah hold seminars with the theme "Violence against Women and the efforts of Birds." This seminar not only attended by family 'Aisyiyah, but also by representatives of women's organizations and several individual participants.

The seminar would indeed very useful for all who attended and heard directly and did not immediately recall a case of violence against women in Indonesia, the longer it is not less but more precisely. Even the recent cases of violence against women has developed into a complex, not only regarding the number of cases will but also concerning the variation of the case itself. Is actual and concrete examples of violence and sexual harassment in Purbalingga involving dozens of people either perpetrators or victims.

Violence against women with a single perpetrator and victim of a double is very common, so did the actors double and a single victim. However, if violence against women with multiple perpetrators and victims are relatively rare. Especially if both perpetrator and victim each totaling tens o-war at a time. And in our country that really happen in reality, not just intuitive.

In the United States (U.S.), French, Italian, and in other developed countries also found cases of violence against women is still always just happen. In the U.S. there is even a "maniac" who could kill dozens of dating and then the woman at the same time. Even in France today there are many women who allegedly suffered a violent treatment of the opposite sex. Learn more Women

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