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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Arab Finance House-Holding Company was foundedin Lebanon in 2003 with a capital of 60 million American dollars and a plan to raise that capital to 100 million American dollars within three years. The Company established two banks in Lebanon: the Arab Finance House commercial bank, and the Arab Finance House investment bank.

Under the decreenumber 9494 of the Central Bank of Lebanon dated26/12/2006, the two banks merged to become the Arab Finance HouseSAL(Islamic Bank) holding the number 125 on the list of Banks (commercial register #1002082).

The Arab Finance House is an Islamic bank, and subsequently all its investments and products are Shari’a compliant while remaining under the realm of Lebanese banking laws.
Arab Finance House operates in accordance to Islamic Shari’a but within Lebanese banking laws, including the “Credit Contracts” Law issued in 1996. The bank plays a prominent role in developing the national economy using the most advanced banking implements. Arab Finance House focuses on acquiring professionals with the highest qualifications.

Our vision stems from our structure as a comprehensive Islamic banking solution incorporated in the Levant, which allows us to; further enhance and advance the Islamic banking industry, contribute to the economies of our hosting countries, and become a leading regional quality institution.

Our mission is to create, under Shari’a principles, a dynamic banking environment characterized by the most advanced technology, innovations, and professionalism. This environment will allow us to maximize, in a balanced manner; the returns to our shareholders; the quality, efficiency, and competitive services to our clients and hosting economies without discrimination; and a sense of security and satisfaction to our employees.
QIB adopts a steady and clear strategy, which takes into consideration the continual modernization of banking and investment services using the latest banking technology. In this regard, the bank has recently completed a pioneering plan to modernize and automate all its branches using a developed computer network, which further satisfies the needs of their clients. QIB has also established Islamic investment funds (like Bader and Rayyan Real Estate Funds) that have been successful in achieving capital appreciation to investors.

Established as an Islamic investment bank in Bahrain in October 1999, Gulf Finance House (GFH) plays an active role in providing Shari’a-compliant products and services to a broad base of clients. The bank’s strong, diversified shareholder base ensures participation in profitable opportunities in selected markets, which is supplemented by opportunities derived through affiliations with reputed financial institutions in other markets. In 2004, GFH increased its capital and opened a retail commercial operation to become one of the leading universal Islamic banking operations in Bahrain. GFH’s primary aim is to move away from an excessive concentration on low-risk, short-term instruments through innovative products with higher risk/return benefits.

The Board of Directors of the Arab Finance House S.A.L. (Islamic Bank) is pleased to bring forward the achievements of the year 2007 and the Bank’s accomplishments, despite the difficult situation that Lebanon has undergone for quite a while now.

Despite the negative political atmosphere, the Bank has been able to achieve Net Profits of around USD 2 Million compared to USD 572.000 in the year 2006 which translates into a Profit Increase of around 250%.

The Total Assets amounted to around USD 203 Million in December 2007 versus USD 121 Million in December 2006, reflecting an increase of 70%.

The Customers’ Deposits have increased by around 90% proving the Bank’s capability of grabbing a bigger share of the Lebanese Banking Market.

The deposits of banks and financial institutions have increased dramatically to reach around USD 66 million in December 2007 compared to USD 22 Million in December 2006.

During the year 2007 the Bank has expanded, and opened, with the help of God, 2 new branches in Sidon and Tripoli. The Ashrafieh Branch was relocated to Solidere area, and we hope that new branches will open whenever the situation permits, in an attempt to meet the growing demand for Islamic Banking services in various Lebanese areas.

Also, the Head Quarter relocated from Achrafieh to the new AFH tower in Mazraa.

The tower has been equipped and prepared to better suit the bank’s needs, to better serve its growing clientele.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Bank has placed great emphasis on developing the human element in various departments, especially the productive ones, and has given special attention to proper training of the personnel in Islamic Banking principles, both inside and outside the bank, reflecting the important role the bank is playing and intends to play in Lebanon.

In General, we can say that during the year 2007, the bank has implemented a clear path in the Islamic Banking sector in Lebanon, and we are confident that the Arab Finance House will grow beyond all expectations in the coming few years, God willing.

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