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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RI supports UN resolution condemning Israeli human rights violations

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia had supported the United Nations Human Rights Commission`s resolution which strongly condemned the Israeli military assaults and human rights violations in the Gaza Strip, a statement said.

The resolution was endorsed in the Commission`s 9th special session in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday (Jan 12) with the support of 33 votes, 13 abstentions and one (Canadian delegation) opposing, a statement issued by the Indonesian permanent representative to the United Nations, WTO and other international organizations in Geneva received by Antara here Tuesday said.

Apart from supporting the resolution, Indonesia was also the main sponsor of the draft resolution which was filed last Friday.

Previously, Indonesia condemned the violation of human rights by Israel in the Gaza Strip and asked the international community to urge Israel to respect international and human rights laws.

The resolution, in addition to condemning Israel, also urged the Zionist country to immediately stop its military attacks in all its occupied territories in Palestine, causing various heavy human right violations against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which had killed more than 900 people and 4,000 injured, including children and women.

The UN resolution also asked Israel to stop its rocket attacks on Palestine.

The statement said, the resolution also urged Israel to stop using civilians and medical facilities as targets of its military attacks, open access for humanitarian relief aid and pave the way for the media to enter the conflicting areas.

Israel was also urged to withdraw all of its troops from the Gaza Strip, end its occupation of Palestinian land and respect its commitment to the peace process particularly in efforts to setting up a sovereign Palestine with East Jerussalem as its capital city.

Other important points in the resolution include the immediate setting up of an international independent fact finding mission to investigate the human right violations committed by Israel against Palestinian people.

In the meantime, the Indonesian delegation stated that the international community could not keep quiet with regard to the escalation of the human rights violations and humanitarian crisis facing the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

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