Saturday, January 9, 2010

Iran, Syria, a model for economic cooperation in region

Tehran, Jan 9, - Iran's Minister of Housing and Urban Development Ali Nikzad said on Saturday that Iran and Syria must become a model in terms of economic cooperation in the region.
He made the remarks in the 8th follow-up committee on economic cooperation between Iran and Syria.

Close cooperation among countries in the region will lessen the influence of the US and foil the plots hatched by the Zionist regime, he said.

Tehran and Damascus should spare no efforts to bolster economic cooperation among Iran, Syria, Iraq and Turkey which will be vital for formation of a regional alliance, he said.

Volume of trade on engineering and technical services between Iran and Syria has hit dlrs 1.6 billion which is remarkable, he said.

Draft agreements prepared by Iran and Syria’s Expert committees are to be indorsed by the Iranian minister of housing and urbane development with the Syrian economy and commerce minister on Monday.

Source : IRNA