Sunday, February 7, 2010

BP Migas: Country`s oil production recorded at 946,048 bpd

Jakarta - The country`s oil and condensate production since early this year is recorded at 946,048 barrels per day (bpd), which is lower than the state budget target at 965,000 bpd, an oil official said.

"But this month (Feb) the average oil and condensate production is a bit higher at 952,096 bpd," Head of the Upstream Oil and Gas Regulating Agency (BP Migas) R Priyono said here on Friday.

He said that especially on Friday the oil production reached 950,266 bpd, including 142,458 bpd of condensate.

The BP Migas chief said that there were a number of technical reasons which caused production not to reach the target.

"If there is no technical problem the production would reach 977,000 bpd," Priyono said.
The technical reasons included the stoppage of the Kangean production of 2,500 bpd and maintenance work in the Area Central, CNOOC, which delayed production.

The production of the Banyuurip, Cepu, in the meantime, was only 6,800 bpd because the PT Tri Wahan Universal (TWU) refinery plant and PT Pertamina had asked reduction in supply.

Besides, ConocoPhillips also experienced a production reduction by 2,000 bpd due to pipeline network replacement work in the Suban filed.

For gas production, Priyono said that on February 4, 2010, it reached 8,603 million metric standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD). So, the average production in February is 8,589 MMSCFD and for 2010 it is expected to reach 8,666 MMSCFD.
Source : ANTARA News

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