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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

News, Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam First Muslim

Rotterdam, Netherlands second largest city will have a mayor birth of the first Muslim Morocco since January 1, 2009. Ahmed Aboutaleb, Friday, introduced as a future mayor by the city council.

The government will still approve the adoption Aboutaleb, 47 years old, but this is considered a formality. Labor Party politician is the first mayor who was born and bred in the Netherlands. He also became the first Muslim citizens mayor in the Netherlands.

Aboutaleb was born in Morocco and wander to the Netherlands at the age of 14 years. He now serves deputy minister of social affairs, and was a member city council in Amsterdam.

The second largest party in the city council of Rotterdam, Leefbaar Rotterdam, responding to a serious development, the fact that the censure Aboutaleb have two nationalities, Morocco and the Netherlands. Fleur Agema, council members from the Freedom Party (PVV), supports it and will ask for an emergency meeting of parliament about the possibility of lifting it.

Kontoversi about citizenship Aboutaleb political arena in the Netherlands is the second time in the last two years. About pengangkatannya as deputy minister, Freedom Party also criticize the fact that Aboutaleb have dual citizenship. "Most do not cause the look of the dual loyalty," said Agema.

Both parties that support a policy of strict immigration and violent actions against crime by migrants. However, Mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen (Labor) praised Aboutaleb with the call "Highly".

But, he also criticize the fact that Labor is now occupying the three positions of mayors from the four largest Dutch cities, and the majority of the city's middle-sized cities. "No party has the mayor of the largest Christian Democratic government will be difficult to receive national funding for local projects," said Cohen.

The citizens of Morocco can not revoke their citizenship. Even their children born in the Netherlands automatically citizens of Morocco.

Dutch business that repeatedly tried to negotiate with Morocco Morocco to revoke the citizenship they always failed. Around 45 percent of the 582,000 citizens not born in Rotterdam Rotterdam or have parents who were born in foreign countries.

In Rotterdam, which has broad issues of social economy, crimes that involve the community in the problem of migrants is now a cause tensions with residents, the birth of Dutch citizens, reported by Republika News.

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