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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spiritual Leader in Business

In the book, SQ: Spiritual Intelligence-The Ultimate Intelligence, Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall told about a businessman from the United States and Mexico fishermen. Employers praised the United States that the fishermen and asked how long the time needed for catching it. Mexican fishermen said, “Only a moment.” American businessman was asked “Why do not you stay at sea longer to get more fish?”. “Fishing is already sufficient to meet the needs of my family” responsibility of the fishermen. “But, what you do with the rest?” Ask the United States businessmen. Mexican fishermen said “I sleep soluble, while fishing, playing with my children, sleep with my wife, walking to the village every night to sip wine and play guitar with my friends. I have a life full and busy, and Senior. ” American businessman is mocking, “I am a Harvard MBA graduates and can help you. You should use the time to catch more fish. With profits from there, you can buy a larger boat. Results from a larger boat you can buy some of the boat again. In the end, you will have a fleet of fishing boats. Rather than sell the catch to the middleman, you can sell directly to the fish-processing factory, and finally, you can open your own canning business. You will control the product, processing and distribution. Later, you must leave the small coastal village and move to Mexico City, then to Los Angeles, and finally, to New York, and you will run the company’s own growing. “Then the Mexican fishermen said that” Senior However, how long the time needed for this? “. American businessman said “Fifteen to twenty-five years.”

According to Danah Venus and Ian Marshall, American businessman in the story is stupid in the spiritual, while Mexican fishermen is intelligent in the spiritual. The fishermen have the understanding that the purpose of intelligent life on their own, which deems important, motivasinya own in the most. He was a lifestyle that can meet the needs of himself and his family, he was taking time for things that are meaningful for him, he felt peaceful, he concentrated. In the United States businessmen, children from the culture stupid in the spiritual, ambitious, he must achieve something for the achievement itself, with motivation gives life a deep, he has ambitions to absorb the meaning, only the ideals that he learned at Harvard. Fishermen that will likely be long and died with a peaceful, while the businessmen will be affected by heart attacks, died with the blues, because they do not successfully reach the factory that was converted.

The level of spiritual intelligence of Mexican fishermen are the new lowest levels of spiritual intelligence, that is meaningful nautical himself and his family. Levels of intelligence is both the spiritual meaning for the community and the highest mean for God, life is solely for worship to God. Prophet Mohamed divide time into three parts. One third for the Lord, one third for the community and one third for the family. Ite r.a. said, “The existence of the Prophet s.a.w. awake nights praying to split his feet, then I thought: Why do so when God forgive the sins of the past and the future? “Answer the Prophet” is not for me to be a servant grateful to Him. ”

In leading the Prophet Muhammad is beloved friend. God made him a leader in those tools and those past. He makes his friends as well as the friends of the Prophet. “The best of my Ummah is the people who love you, and you love them. And a bad my Ummah is the people hate you, and you hate them “Messenger of heat. Speech last before the funeral was “my Ummah ….. my Ummah” because he is his love.

Rasululah s.a.w. eager to invite joke with his wife and the way they thought accordance with the degrees of their intellect and morals in the act. Messenger s.a.w. love their children, often greet them when on the road and play with them. Grandson Hasan and Husin often climb back when the Prophet and the Prophet prayer is not disturbed children who are skittish. Most of the grandson of Prophet smell. In the household of Prophet said “My home like heaven for me.”

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