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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Property

Al-Maal (property) in Arabic means gold, silver and livestock. Meanwhile, according to the terminology of sharia, al Maal is anything that has value and can be obtained and ownership by the appropriate sharia.
Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. look in the property based on the fact that, property is owned by God and man is given the power (trust) to manage properly. Humans do not have the absolute power of wealth and property must spend part of God according to sharia, such as in the Qur'an Al Hadiid paragraph 5 - 7: To Him belongs the kingdom of heaven and earth. And to Allah all matters. He entered the night into day and day into the night. Knowing him and all the breasts. Believe in Allah and His Messenger, and donated part of the wealth that God has made you. But those who believe in you, and donate part of the property are those who believe. Similarly, the Qur'an, Al Munaafiquun paragraph 7: They were people who said (to those Anshar): "Do not give shopping to the people (Muhajirin) in the Messenger of Allah so that they disperse (leave the Messenger of Allah) ". Even Allah belong the treasures of heaven and earth, but the hypocrites do not understand.
He also suggested that property is not outstanding on the rich only. "What are the property of the loot given to Allah, His Messenger, which comes from the residents of the cities it is for Allah, His messenger, the messenger relatives, orphans, poor people and those in the travel, so that the property is not only circulating among the rich only between you. What is the messenger to you, then accept it. And what the effect of prohibiting and leave for the fear of God. He is very hard Punishment "(Al Hasyr 7). Even, God forbid to stockpile wealth. "Woe to every slanderer again detractor. , Which collects property and calculated. He spent that it can make a lasting "(Al-Humazah 1-3.

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